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Rested and rejuvenated are a couple words I would use to describe how I am feeling since staying at the The Cottages for a week this August. I first discovered The Cottages when I was planning a visit over Christmas last year. I booked a couple days to have a visit with my mom on Salt Spring Island (SSI) last December and when I arrived and checked in I fell in love! Fast forward to summer 2018 and I have been invited back by their team to enjoy a full week in one of their rustic yet modern cottages on Bullock Lake….

More Than Walk In Woods; B.C. island excellent place to try Japanese forest bathing

In the mood for a little forest bathing, my wife Kerry and I make a beeline for mt. erskine provincial park. truth be told, we really didn't even know what forest bathing was until five minutes earlier. that's when Janet Clouston, executive director of the Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce, told us this Gulf Island between mainland british Columbia and Vancouver Island was famous for it.