Joseph and Sharon - Cottage #11

The Cottages are an ideal proximity to the Lower Mainland as we can get there quickly from our home, yet achieve the goal of 'getting away'. The draw of the beautiful Gulf Islands, the proximity of the property to Ganges, ferry terminal, and services on Salt Spring makes this particular location central for all your creature comforts and needs. The Cottage is laid out and furnished like a home, optimizing the Cottage itself being the destination, and not just a place to rest your head like hotels or inns. There are areas to spend time as a family, but also separate sleeping areas with more bathrooms than you could ever want with a modern, well-equipped kitchen and beautiful patios. We decided to add our Cottage to the rental program to maximize our purchase and to fulfill its revenue potential. We specifically love this aspect because the Cottages rent themselves, with no intervention required by us. The management company is well run and uses a modern web based system that allows anxious owners like us to be able to check when guests are renting our Cottage. The staff are very responsive to any questions or concerns we have about our place, and really feel like a second set of eyes for us when we are not there. For us, the Cottages offer a unique blend of advantages. It offers flexibility in family getaways, and produces rental income when not in personal use. It is a getaway, without the stresses of traveling, but it is also home, without the stresses of daily home maintenance. Unlike a timeshare, we love the ability to host friends and family in our Cottage. Salt Spring Island is bursting with activity during all seasons, but also amazing views. It is difficult not to feel immersed by nature there! Fun nights out included Moby's Trivia Night and bingo, along with great daily specials. We have visited the Island several times, but we keep finding new spots to explore, including: Beddis Beach, Ruckle Park, Buzzy’s Luncheonette, Salt Spring Wild Cider, and Salt Spring Island Cheese Company! The Island has a wonderful Farmers Market that is buzzing all summer long, as well as blackberries all over the Cottage’s property! Our newest family tradition is to make our own blackberry jam during our summer stays, to keep the kids busy and full. Salt Spring Island is littered with character, and Island lifestyle - and exploring it all is a constant experience for the old and young. The Cottages allows our family to soak in the moments without the rush of our regular routines.

Sam and Mary - Cottage #12

The whole idea of considering The Cottages was prompted by an article in the Vancouver Sun. We literally caught the sales team by surprise; the article appeared on a weekend, we made an inquiry on the Monday, and we arrived on Salt Spring to view what was on offer on Tuesday. The Cottages were appealing to us for a number of reasons, summarized as “location, location, location”. One aspect of the advertising for The Cottages spoke to me, about ‘Creating a Legacy’. Our family of four is treating this as a family property, encouraging our two boys to utilize it as they are able. The sales team dealt with all our questions, especially considering we had never before owned a cottage. The Cottages provide just enough distance as to be quiet and serene in the forest-like setting, all while close to the often-bustling Ganges. The strata development is professionally managed and the units have excellent interior finishes. In addition, at the owner’s option, the cottage can be added to the professionally managed rental program of other cottages in the development. We made several trips to view the property and what clinched it for us was asking one question: Where would we be able to find, build and furnish a similar property, all for the prices on offer at The Cottages. Where else can we get into the cottage market and obtain all of these attributes in one go. In the past twelve months we’ve barely scratched the surface of the natural places of interest yet to be explored – Mount Maxwell, Ruckle Park, St. Mary Lake and a host of others. We love taking part in the local Islander activities - the summer market, theatres, music concerts and art shows; not to forget enjoying the locally made Salt Spring cheese, wine, beer and cider. In the end, I can say without reservation that we are exceptionally happy with our choice in The Cottages as it provides a basis for a family legacy.

Tom and Tracy - Cottage #48

The Cottages on Salt Spring Island is our weekend and vacation oasis.  We bought our west coast style cottage almost one year ago and we are so thrilled with our decision.  We love to swim in the beautiful little lake and we paddle board year round; yes even at Christmas we paddle around the lake.  Our family enjoys the birds, otters and deer that come to visit throughout the seasons, and we were happy to see the return of the trumpeter swans this December. It is really a bird watcher’s paradise, and a serene retreat for those who seek a little tranquility away from the busyness of city living.  Our dog enjoys rambling around the 35 acre property and meeting new friends on the dog friendly walking paths.  For those who like a more active lifestyle, we are close to many beautiful hiking trails, with varying degrees of difficulty. From a short scenic walk in Ruckle Park to a challenging hike up Mount Maxwell with spectacular views from the top.  Our family and friends like to hike so we always take time to explore as many trails as we can each weekend or vacation.  Salt Spring Island has so much to offer year-round. We enjoy the art studio tours while also taking the time to visit the delightful cidery, cheese farm, wineries, bakeries and brewery. One of our highlights is definitely the famous Saturday Market which offers produce, crafts, clothing, and jewelry.  We also take time to visit the many roadside stands to buy eggs, vegetables, baked goods, fruits and jams before returning to our cozy cottage to prepare our dinner. We enjoy our dinner and cider out on the balcony overlooking beautiful Bullock Lake.  The roadside stands operate on an honour system; you simply put the money in a box and take what you need, which is symbolic of Island life. Salt Spring is a trusting and safe community where everyone is treated as a friend and neighbour. When we decide to eat out, there are so many options. Often you can find us having lunch at Moby’s Pub which overlooks the harbour and is minutes from The Cottages.  It is a great place to watch the Harbour Air seaplanes land and the boats docking at the marina.  Salt Spring offers many musical venues on weekends as well as their local theatre company.   Buying our cottage was the best decision for our family and is completely affordable.  The low cost of ownership and the helpful team made our choice simple and straight forward.  We could choose to put our cottage in the rental program but we like the freedom of owning our weekend getaway property and visiting whenever we choose.  Another advantage to owning at The Cottages is the on-site team; having a super caretaker on site year round, plus the manager and cleaning staff.  We have found them all to be welcoming, efficient, and ready to help with anything we might need.  We have loved Salt Spring Island for many years and we are thrilled with the purchase of our very own place.  We look forward to many memorable vacations with our family and friends.  A big thank you to everyone at Platform!